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Come to Jesus
Christian Books by Pastor Don Herbert
Australian Christian Pastor and Hospital

This site is dedicated to Don Herbert books.  Don was a Christian Minister and a hospital chaplain.  During his short life he helped hundreds of ill and dying people.  

Don was not a preacher he was a doer.  He spoke as a friend, sharing his experiences in coping with terminal illness.  His style of grief counselling was unique.  He spoke about Jesus and read from the Bible.   He was certainly of  one the greatest Australian ministers I have ever met.  One Christian pastor who would certainly receive Jesus approval., 

Don wrote several Christian books which speak about faith and courage and determination.  These books are not available in Christian or religious bookshops in Australia.

To the memory of Don Hervert Christian Pastor and Hospital ChaplainDon Herbert Australian Pastor Minister Christian Books Hospital ChaplainTo the memory of Don Hervert Christian Pastor and Hospital Chaplain
  In memory of Pastor Don Herbert
A good Christian and a great friend

Don wrote many beautiful Christian books which have been a source of inspiration  to many lonely, sick and dying people. Please help Pastor Don Herbert continue his ministering work. Buy and help distribute Don Herbert's Christian books.


Christian Books by Don Herbert Hospital Chaplain and Christian Pastor

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Don Herbert Christian Books

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Don Herbert Hospital Chaplain and Pastor Christian Books 

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